Bumper Sticker Theology

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read “God save me … from your followers.” I could identify.

The impetus for such a bumper sticker, of course, is that many God-followers (aka Christians in this case) are small-minded, intolerant, judgmental, non-fun … well, you get the picture. Chances are, you’ve run into a number of them. Christians will talk a lot about grace and acceptance and how they are just as “bad” as anyone else, we’re all sinners, etc. But it seems more often than not, what they are really thinking is what the Pharisee thought about the tax collector when they were both coming before God in the temple: “Thank God I am not like that man.”

Yep, I can identify. The sad thing is that I am a God-follower. I am determined, though, to live my life according to what the tax collector said: “God have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Welcome to Stumbling Toward Grace: Confessions of a Clumsy Christian.

Here you will find thoughts about God, spirituality, church, redemption. You will find discussions about sin, doubt, anger, beauty. You will find venting, creating, provoking, celebrating. And yes, stumbling.

I hope you come here often. I hope you comment. And no matter how clumsy you are, you’re not alone. Enjoy the journey.

7 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker Theology

  1. I love your hook. I love that you are speaking on behalf of all of us Christians who’ve had little voices in organized religious circles but big faith. In the words of Annie Wilkes, “I’m Your Number One Fan.” Keep your posts coming or else…

  2. I love the title –“stumbling…” What an apt metaphor for most of our spiritual journeys. Think how much lying we do with hymnbooks in our hands: “I”m pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day…” Really???

  3. Was that my car you were following? At one time it might have been but not any more. I don’t want to be recognized while I’m driving.

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