A Short Story Warning

short storyI’ve been thinking about e-publishing one or two of my novels. One of them I’m pretty sure will never see the light of traditional publishing because of its subject matter. It would just be too hard of a sell. However, I think it’s worthy to be read, and so I’m considering jumping in to the somewhat murky, yet rapidly moving waters of e-books.

In preparation for that, I’m going to post some of my short stories here on the blog.

I’m not much of a short story writer; I prefer to ramble and wander and discover the story while letting the characters find their voice, where a short story needs to be sharply defined from the beginning. For a look at an excellent short story, visit 13 Periods a Year. This blogger promises 13 short stories this year, and after reading and re-reading the first one, I can’t wait for the rest. (Definitely read her short story, but don’t forget to come back here. I’ll wait.)

I am posting a warning about my short stories before I lob them at you. Not all my stories are appropriate for all readers. Some might find them offensive. Some of them are. Some are meant to be. I will do my best to post something at the beginning to let you know that the story that follows might have objectionable content.

I have written a short story called “Wisp” that I will be posting in five installments over the next few days. Each installment is its own story, and all five interlock to make the whole. It’s a somewhat existential look at five major themes in life: birth, family, sex, religion and work. I hope that you look forward to reading them as much as I look forward to posting them.

Feedback is definitely desired and encouraged.

3 thoughts on “A Short Story Warning

  1. I, for one, can’t wait. Please don’t wait too long between installments. Holding one’s breath while waiting has its consequences.

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